One Game A Month attempt for March 2015.

Welcome to the past! The year is 1482 and a great conflict has arisen between a group of people dressed in red and a group of people dressed in blue. The red side thinks that blue colored attire looks white, and therefore accuses the color of witchcraft. They demand to outlaw the blue/white color throughout the entire kingdom. The color blue enthusiasts insists that they are not wearing white and are not pleased with the proposed law. They have declared war on the reds to protect their creative rights to wear blue clothing.

After a long, bloody struggle between the red army and blue army that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands over a time span of over 2 decades, only two brave knights remain in a final standoff. You, the final intrepid red knight, must defeat the final blue-clad witch and ensure the ultimate victory of the reds and that medieval children everywhere are forever protected from the evil blue color for all time to come.


  • Controllable red box with a rectangular sword and a round shield
  • Similarly equipped blue box with an unsophisticated artificial intelligence
  • That's about it really