One Game A Month attempt for April 2015.

Your name is Freddy Schmidt. But you don't know that. Because you just woke up without remembering anything about anything whatsoever. All you know is that you're in a very dark place that seems to have been randomly generated and that you have a flashlight. There's also a bunch of totally impolite nitwits trying to murder you. Very uncool!

You better get out of there, but be careful! You can't see anything without the flashlight on, but those inconsiderate murderers can see you if you do turn it on. What to do? This is truly an unwinnable war. OR IS IT? Can you make it to the exit?


  • One randomly generated level that can keep you busy for minutes!
  • Exploration in pure, utter darkness.
  • Hiding and running and dying.
  • Terrifying gameplay that will cause pants-pooping. Guaranteed, or your money back!